Flexibly funding technology
purchases that others can’t

No matter how complex the technology purchase, or how many technology vendors are involved, our flexible funding breaks down the barriers of the traditional approach.

We provide support and advice to help companies leverage technology to grow their business without being restricted by annual budget limitations and cashflow requirements. And we’re also not restricted by any existing funding relationships.

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Why we’re different

At Datatec Financial Services we write our own business with our funding coming from multiple sources, which means we can provide maximum flexibility, and reduce the overall risk.

Our bespoke approach is completely vendor agnostic and our aim is to enable one transaction that covers all of the technical requirements.

We’ll flex when others won’t.

Our services

  • Funding intangible technology assets as well as standard
  • Six-month term financing to defer supplier payments
  • Structured Payments to align cash outlay with budgets
  • PO Payment Profiling to leverage existing supply chain relationships and processes

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