Providing technology via subscription payments means Sales won’t get their commission

Motivation of sales teams via incentives and commission payments is common practice, with the details of such remuneration schemes manifesting in a variety of ways.

But when the ideal sales proposition would involve a finance element which spreads payments for the end customer, salespeople may instinctively prefer to look for an alternative solution. A common worry is that they will not receive the full commission to which they are entitled.

Yet, the problem with this avoidance behaviour is that—particularly when customers’ assets are stretched by the unpredictability of a pandemic—opportunities may be missed.

Because in actual fact, the fear of adding a stage they do not directly control may result in a flawed sales process, with the salesperson missing the opportunity to give customers what they want. And as a direct consequence of this one decision, they may fail to close the sale. Which means the entire commission is lost!

As this is the polar opposite of what any salesperson would want, let’s take a look at the truth of this scenario—and do some myth-busting.

Myth-Busting from Datatec

The myth is that if Sales sell a subscription package, they won’t get the commission they’re entitled to. But, in truth, with Datatec Financial Services, the sales team have no need to worry. They get their full commission payment up front.

So how does it work?

Well basically, you identify the best package for your customer’s needs—whatever combination of hardware, software, services, and/or maintenance they desire—and we fund the whole package up front. The customer gets a turnkey solution for which they pay a manageable monthly subscription.

And, whether you’re a VAR (Value Added Reseller), or an SP (Service Provider)—even if you have your own Captive Finance company—by Datatec releasing full funds for the customer’s bespoke package at the start, you can pay your salesperson their total commission straightaway. No waiting for the customer’s payment to come in each month.

With the Datatec subscription option, you can offer the customer the exact technology solution they want and enable them to spread their payments—which means they may even be able to make their budget stretch to an even more effective solution than they had imagined possible.

A practical solution that keeps your sales team happy too!

For more information about bespoke technology solution subscriptions, contact Datatec Financial Services today.

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