Busting Myth No.1 – Financing Delays Technology Deals

Your clients know that to keep ahead of their competition, they need to invest in the best technology – and commercial payment options are a key element of any large technology deal.

They may be unaware of what options are available or put off because they assume the process will take too long. One of the key reasons for delays or rejection of financing is when software and services are included – because funders haven’t been able to model and mitigate the risk.

Let us put you at ease. We realise that time kills deals and we make sure finance delays don’t need to get in the way of your next deal.

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Busting Myth No.2 – Deals have to include technology hardware to be financed

Have you always thought that only deals that include hardware can be financed? This is a complete myth! Check out this infographic to discover where this myth came from and how Datatec Financial Services uniquely offers financing for software, SaaS, maintenance and support – without any requirement for hardware, too!

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