Subscription Payments

When it comes down to making large technology purchases, up-front lump payments can be totally off-putting. Not only does the cash need to be available, it can badly affect the bottom line in an instant.

We have the perfect solution.  We offer flexible funding via subscriptions – making it possible to pay for technology in the most affordable and convenient way.

Subscription payments are increasingly popular and will, no doubt, become the de facto payment solution – even for the most complex technology purchases.

The benefits of our unique subscription payments offering are exponential:

  • We pay the vendors up-front and enable end-users to make manageable, affordable payments over time
  • We can fund the entire technology portfolio – software, services, maintenance and hardware

  • Customers will have the reassurance that they’ll be paying an affordable monthly subscription amount and won’t be caught out by expensive variable consumption payments

  • There’s a reduced risk for vendors, VARs and Service Providers because the risk is taken by us and the transaction is the same as an up-front sale

  • Contracts can be easily renewed via rolling subscriptions, taking away renewal stress

  • VARs and Service Providers can even pay vendors back on a subscription basis if it’s more suitable – even if the vendors haven’t directly given that option

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The evolution of subscription payments for technology purchases

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